Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Project White House Tucson Weekly Readers' Endorsement Poll

Welcome to the Project White House Tucson Weekly Readers' Endorsement Poll.

Project White House is a Reality Journalism competition sponsored by the Tucson Weekly. Candidates on the Arizona's Presidential Primary ballot are competing in a variety of campaign challenges to win the Tucson Weekly's endorsement.

Here's where the candidates can compete for the secondary prize of the Tucson Weekly Readers' Endorsement, which will also be included in our Jan. 31 issue.

We're beginning with a Primary Primary for both parties. Both the Democratic and Republican candidates have been split into five divisions. The top vote-getter in each division will advance to a final round to win the TWRE.

The deadline for this first round of elimination is noon on Jan. 22.

You can vote for one candidate in each division. We'll be tracking IP addresses, so don't try to stuff the ballot box. It's one computer, one vote!

Feel free to post any of these polls on your own Web site! You'll see instructions after you cast your ballot.

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